BRgroupers bring value to the world – through the application of dynamism, loyalty, bravery and support that improves businesses and society.
Restlessly reinventing for 9 years, we are the largest telecom and IT services in the Middle East. Pushing to get first-rate intelligence for tomorrow and delivering smart technology today, we help businesses become smarter, offer cutting-edge technology and become game-changers. Together, we create services that take businesses to meaningful innovation.
BRgroup offers industry-focused services in trusted partnerships. Through supportive partnership in telecom and IT, we deliver mission-critical services to help address innovation challenges. Our critical services go beyond quality parameters to enable smartness and intelligence both locally and globally.
With our heroes, we deliver services that fit your needs. Our leadership in shaping telecommunication services and addressing the telecommunication needs of the industry has always been acknowledged by our customers.
We have the power to bring together experts, technologies and devices from all over the world, working and acting together in countries.

Our history

A strong history and absolute loyalty to our partners

The story of averting a national disaster with 15 men
Our story began in 2013, a turning point in the information and telecommunication technology sector in Iran. Due to the sanctions imposed on the country, the world’s telecommunication giants turned Iran down, abandoned the telecommunication infrastructure and information technology projects and left the country. Upon their leave, a huge gap was felt in Iran’s telecom. According to experts and analysts, the void was going to create a telecommunication disaster if not taken care of.
At critical moments for the youth to step up, the efforts of Iranian experts with unprecedented national will for creation made big changes in the field of telecommunication. Zealous Iranian youth became pioneers of scientific development in Iran and future creators of this land with the support of BRgroup as the parent company of numerous subsidiaries. They took that as a duty they owed the country and rolled up their sleeves to fill the huge gap.
In that same year, after getting useful advice from the CEOs leading Iran’s main operator, with only 15 personnel, BRgroup took the first step, to target the impossible. Today, 600 experts are helping the company to achieve an extraordinary and remarkable mission in Iran’s telecommunication infrastructure, maintenance, and monitoring. BRgroup initially set out the three core needs of Iran’s mobile operators:

  • Provision and development of mobile telecommunication infrastructures
  • Maintenance of infrastructures and monitoring and data analysis, through BRtel
  • Meeting objectives and requirements of telecommunication and information technology.

BRtech, a BRgroup subsidiary, was for the first time in Iran behind big data and business intelligence (BI). This was possible through accessing real-time mobile data which enabled the company to analyze major nationwide data in the field. A wholly-owned subsidiary of BRgroup, BRnet oversaw procurement of telecommunication equipment for sister companies as well as Iranian CSPs. Meanwhile, BRcell, another subsidiary covered the requirements of other Iranian CSPs including: the provision and development of mobile telecommunication infrastructures, maintenance of infrastructures, and monitoring. The measures taken during the last 7 years have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for the country and broke new grounds for the growth and development of Iran’s mobile telecommunication technology.
Taking a step toward the impossible and realizing the remarkable breadth of vision beyond the existing capabilities is a sweet pleasure, giving in itself peace and security; an achievement that deserves the name of the Blue Rays. The name “Blue Rays” is manifested in the process of growth and efforts of the company round the clock.
“Blue Rays” evokes the joy of success and victory in doing the impossible during these years and reaching the limits of the infinity of knowledge. It is the identity of the world we have left behind and the world yet to come - the land of the infinite, from the impossible that we have left behind, and the infinite galaxy of the unknowns ahead. We recognize ourselves as the pioneers of this unknown land, and we have proved it.

Saving millions with BRgroup

The steps taken during the last seven years have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for the country and laid the foundation for a quantum leap in the Iranian telecom industry. We invented the impossible to make it possible and realized the horizon beyond our own capabilities.

Transformation is in our DNA.

Blue Rays is the process of growth; It is working round the clock to achieve round the clock; It is the joy of success, doing the impossible and seeing the invisible. Blue Rays is the road we've taken and the road ahead. It's the courage to take the first step, the magic to turn dreams into reality. It's seeing what is invisible to others. It's nights building a vision, and days making it real. It's knowing that dreams are realities in waiting and that intelligence is always beautiful. It's pursuing an answer, pushing the boundaries, and leading the way with your intuition. This is what we live for. This is how we create our reality.
As of 2022, BRgroup employed approximately 1200 people across countries, did business in three continents and was acknowledged times and again for its unprecedented achievements in the Iranian telecom.

Facts about us

  • One of the very few exclusive multivendor equipment, software, and service providers
  • No bias hence true and thorough judgement for selecting vendors based on SWOT analysis
  • To choose the most qualified solution any hegemony or monopoly
  • Depicting SMART plan-Bs as a bargaining leverage to win against big vendors
  • Deep knowledge upon VBA and all telecom vendors pricing models

Why us

For standardized services we offer
For service delivery and related operations, BRgroup uses a variety of international standards and frameworks. ITIL is one of such frameworks, and it is the most frequently used IT service management framework around the globe. BRgroup leverages on a broad variety of knowledge, established experience, legacy, and footprint in many local and international projects and networks, in addition to globally well-known standards and models. It accomplishes this by deploying custom-developed technologies that are particularly meant to operate and supervise operations processes. Lessons learnt, new best class tested and proved mechanisms are all examples of best practices.
For business continuity we use when serving
The key to a successful network operation is providing high-quality services to end-users in the most efficient manner. Our Care, among many other successful services, covers a broad portfolio of support services delivering network availability, stability, operational efficiency and service continuity. BRgroup Care Services create and build value bringing expertise, knowledge understanding adhering to best practices derived from hundreds of successful care programs and knowledge base from around the world to your advantage.
For our capabilities
For our dedication to unlocking the true power of your network
With a global presence and strategic hubs in multiple countries, BRgroup is a leading provider of innovative tech services for the B2B industry. The company unlocks the power of integrated technology for all businesses by bringing together in one location a unique combination of the finest people, the best technology, and the best platforms in a simple way to make a genuine difference to every business, every day. BRgroup provides an end-to-end portfolio of market-leading services and creates integrated technological solutions to accelerate technology adoption in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud, and IoT.

You are a king!

We believe if we don’t take care of you, our competitors will. We are always observing win-win equations in all aspects, are prepared to render any kind of assistance to our customers.
That is why at BRgroup, customer is always the king.

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