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We are a dedicated and passionate team guided by our principles and bound by a single goal. We can produce possibilities to link talent and fulfill our objective of making the world more human by connecting people's lives since we have a presence in many countries with an average of more than 1200 staff. We seek individuals who are restless, eager, and passionate about what they do, who are dissatisfied, and who want to build the BRgroup of the future.

Your working environment must match your personality type if you want to be happy and effective in your job. Professional settings should provide a healthy culture characterized by excellent communication, ample resources, and opportunity for advancement. They should also fit your personality and values, as well as the type of worker you are. With our mobile brands, we link millions of people and provide our consumers with mobile freedom in the digital world. Furthermore, as a premier telecommunications provider, we are helping to shape global digitalization. Our fixed and mobile networks serve as the foundation for business and society's digital revolution. And our 1200 colleagues, both inside and outside the company, contribute to the transition on a daily basis.

We bring people together to create extraordinary things.

Every day, we strive to bring people's lives together. We need more individuals like you, who are enthusiastic about improving the world we live in. BRgroup has a cutting-edge Benefits & Total Rewards package that guarantees we attract and retain the industry's best and brightest employees. By providing a plethora of tools and services, our unique, personalized strategies complement the diversity of our workforce. We ensure that every area of our employees' well-being is taken care of, from competitive pay to health and financial wellness to a great work/family balance.

A substantial 401(k) plan with a competitive Company matching contribution, as well as an annual 3 percent retirement savings contribution for our corporate employees, are among our many national programs.

We're looking for folks that want to be a part of the BRgroup of the future. Do you dare to try it?

Why join BRgroup

Why choose Us?

Thrive in a dynamic professional environment

BRgroup attracts people who thrive in a dynamic environment. We hire men and women who thrive in a fast-paced workplace, whether they work outdoors, in an office, or in a manufacturing or distribution facility. BRgroup employees feel a sense of participation and achievement no matter where they work. Some professions demand cooperation....

Start your learning and growth journey

We consider ourselves to be talent creators rather than consumers. What matters most is that we invest in you, our Human Capital, and we pledge to give it our best to foster learning, adaptation, and impact. What are our options? By giving you the tools, you need to succeed not just today, but tomorrow. By encouraging curiosity about new methods of working and flexibility in adapting to,...

Realize Your Potential

At BRgroup, we believe that everyone is a leader. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential, and we'll be there for you at every step of the way, from your first job to taking on a senior leadership role. Our flagship leadership programs develop transformative leadership characteristics such as resilience, winning behaviors, ethics, and inclusive leadership. We are here to give the training and development...

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Apply for a position

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