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n a fast-moving world, businesses use many applications, working day and night and most of the time requiring communication. An enterprise service bus is for building seamless interaction between software applications in a service-based architecture.
BRgroup ESB You can track costumers’ web-site visits, viewed products. Segment your customers based on the pages they've viewed. When a customer enters a zone, launch real-time campaigns. Our application allows you to create and manage sophisticated business websites. It is a suite of agile, flexible and reliable software for your online business. Our platform draws together many features from a tech giant to enable you conduct your online business and develop new ones!

  • Using multicast, applications can send messages to a large number of people.
  • Messages are queued so that programs can execute independently of one another at different speeds and times, in separate locations, and without being connected directly.
  • Messages are sent to a queue or a series of queues by applications. The sender must know the destination's name but not its location.

It includes products that help you integrate business processes and applications and deliver them to the Web. It is made of:

  • Application servers for building, deploying and managing Web applications.
  • Technology for native support for Web services
  • MQ to integrate online business processes across diverse back-end systems.

These are the capabilities of BRgroup ESB:

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