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BRgroup evokes the joy of success and victory in doing the impossible during these years and reaching the limits of the infinity of knowledge.

BRgroup is a holding made of subsidiary companies and experienced staff to help its partners keep up with the world

We work with many

BRgroup is a rare multi-vendor care service provider around the globe

We stand by you

We come from a strong history and absolute loyalty to our partners

We help

We take it seriously, we make it simple, we make it happen

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BRgroup is expanding to meet customer demand even more.

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Taking a step toward the impossible and realizing the remarkable breadth of vision beyond the existing capabilities is a sweet pleasure.

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Open to learning

We think the key to growth is learning, all the time.

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Win-win equation

When working with partners, we go extra miles to do everything.

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One of a kind

We believe it because we have tremendous work experience with major vendors.

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A decade of professional experience as the only multi-vendor care services provider globally

  • Several Years of offering Care services to Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE equipment (Core, RAN, OSS) in more than 20 operators for (CS Core, PS Core, RAN, OSS, Transmission, IP, VAS)
  • Licenses delivery for all vendors for RAN, PS/CS Core, IMS and BSS equipment
  • Software upgrade, update, patch correction, bug fix, HW and SW recovery
  • Network design, HLD, LLD, Planning/Core, RAN & IPBB
  • Software customization for Core and RAN network
  • Emergency support, trouble ticket tier 2 & 3 case
  • Health check and preventative maintenance
  • On site corrective maintenance
  • New features activation
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Industry-focused services in trusted partnerships

With our heroes, we deliver services that fit your needs. Our leadership in shaping telecommunication services and addressing the telecommunication needs of the industry has always been acknowledged by our customers. We have the power to bring together experts, technologies and devices from all over the world, working and acting together in countries.

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Ericsson and DT collaborate over ‘sustainable’ 5G radio

German telco group Deutsche Telekom and Swedish kit vendor Ericsson have built a solar and wind energy powered 5G site, which they say can be self sufficient given the right conditions.

Canada belatedly bans Chinese vendors from its 4G and 5G networks

US neighbour Canada is the last of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance to formally ban Chinese vendors from its mobile networks.

Inmarsat tunes up Orchestra to tackle network congestion

UK-based satellite firm Inmarsat has completed trials of the terrestrial element of its Orchestra network, the portion designed to ease congestion in busy shipping ports.

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