Network Planning


With network heroes for simple planning

Your bottom line is defined by a lot of factors. You have to keep costs in check, address untapped areas and improve network capacity. The fact is, subscribers need more every day and will churn if they don't get what they want. This is a huge business potential for you to enhance the performance of an increasingly complex network.
Responding to the unplanned We at BRgroup provide the specialized support to address shifting customer and market demands you face.

A loyal ally for better planning

We all need to build alliance when doing something big, because finishing the big job comes with a lot of hassle and headache. BRgroup can help because our experts are taking advantage of:

  • Atoll, a multi-tech software to overcome cell planning challenges
  • Ultima Forte, ideal for spectrum refarming exercises to provide quality KPI-based evaluations
  • Xeus to address basic cell planning needs and QoS maintenance of your network
  • Nemo, a laptop-based drive test tool to test your network
  • Actix to analyze your data wherever it comes fromm

BRgroup Network Planning: designed for the planning challenge

Working with BRgroup brings long-term benefits. Our Network Planning helps you to:

  • Evolve alongside rising user demand
  • Skim costs and expand network coverage; and
  • Enhance network performance