Unbelievably resilient networks across technologies

See how our RAN optimization service helps our customers to inject life into the performance of their wireless communication network. To optimize a network and achieve first-hand user experience, engineers need an end-to-end service. We use our expertise and experience to watch over, analyze, and optimize your RAN performance like never before.
Troubleshoot performance issues and get a wide-angle view of the subscriber experience with proven analytical capabilities that deliver market-leading accuracy. With BRgroup, CSPs uncover hidden patterns to enhance subscriber experience across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Remake the future of your network today

Our field-proven RAN optimization perks up your coverage and boosts the quality of your services. It lets you home in on planning and satisfy subscribers through preventing and resolving complaints, and cutting away unnecessary investments. Partner up with us to identify congestion areas that need additional capacity and adjust antennas and networking parameters, neighborhood planning and codes (LTE and 5G NR PCI, and UMTS symmetry).