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Our activity.

Our activity in telecom is a history of friendship. Our partners around the world have evolved their networks like never before. We offer an all-inclusive portfolio of services that enable our customers lead the way and stand out from their competitors.

professional services.

Network planning and optimization for 2G/3G and 5G network, Managed services, Advanced solution engineering and consultancy, Vendor management and procurement, IT/ BSS care and managed services, Preparing feasibility study and business plan, Capex/Opex saving program management

deployed several solutions.

We're like a Swiss Army Knife for your Business. We have the expertise to deploy a range of solutions. More businesses will be able to link employees and equipment via private wireless networks now that BRgroup has acquired an Industrial range of ruggedized devices. Connect today.

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Our main services

Around a decade of professional experience as the only multi-vendor care services provider around the globe
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Swift feature activation

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Technical solutions

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Deliver a more effective service

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Rollouts to deploy the right infrastructure

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Manage cost and quality

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Reduced complexity

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Greater visibility

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To Upgrade nodes software


We provide a wide range of flexible & useful services.


Providing high-quality services to end-users in the most efficient manner is the key to a successful network operation.

Network Planning and Optimization

Network Planning services help maximize performance from your network infrastructure,


With successful milestones achieved, BRGroup is expanding its reach to numerous countries.

Managed Services

Costs against quality, these two always come together. Those who run a project understand how hard it is to manage these two alongside and to drive them in parallel.

IT Services

Our IT services empower you to take a giant leap, expand your reach, and enhance performance across your network.

VoLTE HD call

Ever-changing customer demand needs constant evolution, and networks can win customers if they can keep pace.


In the last decade, we have delivered and deployed several solutions including HW/SW and all the required licenses in a very huge scale as following, but not limited to:

  • Huawei legacy and new Cloud PS, Clous CS & cloud IMS as well as Cloud VAS
  • Nokia classical CS and Nokia Cloud CS
  • Ericsson / Cisco vEPC
  • Several thousands of Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE 2G/3G/4G and 5G Radio equipment
  • Huawei CBS (convergent billing system)
  • Ericsson OCS (Online Charging System) Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei transmission system

What Clients say?

Some of our Clients love us & so we do!

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