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Instructor-led training

Nothing can truly replace the interactive experience with a live instructor, face-to-face training that occurs in a training room, typically in an office, classroom, or conference room. BRGroup enables you to expand your expertise and tap your hidden potentials. Corporates have partnered up with BRGroup and built the competence of their employees to upgrade their network, because we can only achieve what we want if we get the expertise we need.

The following are some of the benefits of instructor-led training at BRgroup:

  • Visual, aural, reading, writing, and kinesthetic components combined
  • Our educators provide valuable information, tales, and real-world experiences
  • Instructor-led classes have the greatest completion rate.
  • A typical classroom's familiarity

Off-site at BRgroup Training Lab

BRgroup’s facilities have the most state-of-the-art technology for providing computer, technical, and business skills training. Our classrooms can accommodate large or small groups, and we offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive course materials, reference guides, and manuals.

On-site at client facilities

Our on-site training solutions enable clients to increase productivity by significantly decreasing training planning and scheduling, travel time, and total expenditures.

Client-site training is offered with the same dedication to high-quality service and customisation possibilities.

At your company, you receive the following:

  • Workplace convenience and comfort
  • Time and money saved on travel
  • Training delivered at any place with minimal preparation and planning
  • Unlimited course size and scope
  • Pre-delivered training guides, tools, and resources
  • Higher participation rates due to on-site training equipment and technology


Key benefits of instructor-led training include:

Personalized Learning

On a 1:1 basis with small groups of learners, experienced instructors may modify techniques and address particular issues.

Immediate Feedback

The instructor can rapidly change the teaching schedule to meet real-time feedback if a particular module is confusing, too slow, or too fast.

Hands-On Experience

It's easy to incorporate laboratories and hands-on exercises using ILT. Hands-on learning may be required for some topics, such as operating medical equipment.

Low Fixed Costs

Because the majority of ILT costs are focused on instructors and facilities, controlling costs without investing in content or technology is simple.

Student Networking

Students have the opportunity to meet the instructor as well as one another. Dedicating time and space to learning can also help certain people absorb information more effectively.

Perceived Value

Because of the obvious costs involved with the instructor and facility, students frequently place a higher value on ILT.

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Instructor led training

Nothing can truly replace the interactive experience with a live instructor, face-to-face training that occurs in a training room, typically in an office, classroom.


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